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Trish Papadakos

Trish Papadakos

(Fonte: solitaire-solidaire)

(Fonte: worstsimpsonspageever)


Josephine Baker


Josephine Baker

(Fonte: jojojobaker)

(Fonte: ex0skeletal)




I do what I want

You do not control me!

Can we talk about how much freaking effort it took for that diver to get into all of that gear just to take that stupid picture in the hot tub? You’re all fucking losers and I love you

(Fonte: iraffiruse)


Tony Hammond

♡ S U B U R B A N  H O U S E W I F E 

(Fonte: ballistictrauma)

Lady Gaga // The Fame - August 19th, 2008 - 15 Million+ Worldwide Sales

6 anos já? 

(Fonte: juhdas)

Fabiana 'Scar' Canto Tito. Fashion Student. Loves art, music and escapism.